Other Journalists at Mt. St. Helens

There were a number of other important journalists who were on site when Mt. St. Helens exploded. Gary Rosenquist, an amateur photographer at the time was lucky to catch some frames of the gigantic landslide that took Blackburn’s life before he himself, with four friends, fled from the site of the eruption. He was 11 miles away from the volcano. News reporter, Dave Crockett with KOMO TV was able to film the mountains ash column as well as a number of lightening strikes. This was the first recording of a volcano erupting ever taken. Robert Landsberg, a freelance photographer, was one of the other unlucky victims of the eruption. Landsberg is remembered though for sacrificing himself by throwing his body on top of his camera and creating a shield between his photographs and the extremely hot pyroclastic flows. Some of his pictures were developed and published. Image


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