Reid Blackburn …

Reid Blackburn was born on August 11th, 1952 in Oregon State. He was the son of an engineer and became interested in photography when he was a teenager. He claimed that photography was “like painting only with light.” Blackburn attended Linfield College, where he earned a degree in photojournalism. Blackburn worked a number of freelance jobs before he was hired at the Columbian in Vancouver, Washington in 1975. It was there that he met his soon to be wife, Fay Mall. Coworker Tom Koenninger in an article written for the Daily Spokane Chronicle on May 23, 1980 wrote that Blackburn’s photos showed “life and death, sadness and humor.”  Reid was an accomplished photographer and had received numerous awards including an award from the Associated Press and the Sigma Delta Chi Professional Journalism award. Blackburn also wrote a novel on outboard hydroplane racing. Blackburn was not only an accomplished photojournalists, but many people claimed he was a good person. Coworker Mike Praeger in an October 8th, 2004 article in the Spokesman review said that Blackburn was “one of the funniest and most talented journalists in the Pacific Northwest.” Image


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